In our body, we have different cells, with their own unique task. Together, all the different cells that are in the liver, the stomach, the heart and other parts of the body, build our body. These cells are whole on their own, but to live and to be a body, they need each other. The cells of the stomach cannot survive on their own.

The same is happening with people. As a human being I am whole. And at the same time, to live my life on Earth, I need other human beings. Other human beings have their own qualities and all together, we are like One living organism.

Our mind seems to have forgotten this. It thinks itself separate from other human beings. And thinks that it can live without other human beings. It’s not aware anymore that everyone has his own unique qualities which are needed to function as ‘One big organism’ from the point of view of life itself. So everyone is needed and having his own unique place in this ‘big organism’ called life on Earth.

One of the things people need, to live a healthy life, is to be mirrored by other human beings. First by our father, our mother, our family and later by teachers and other people around us. Because in our society people think ourselves separate and because there is a lot of fear in our thinking, this often doesn’t happen. People are too busy, doing other things than being together in a simple way and mirroring each other.

Another thing is, that in schools often our uniqueness is neglected. And people don’t take the place in society which is best with their unique qualities. The result is that people become unhappy.

At the same time, everything is as it should be and life is a puzzle to be solved. We can ‘walk the way back’ and find out who we are en realising our unique qualities at the moment that we become conscious of this..