Dear friends and dear visitors of my website Be a Lotus,

As you can see on my website, I decided to change the direction of the coaching that I am offering. My new offer feels to me like ‘a coat that fits me exactly’. Actually it is because the coat that I am offering, is ‘my own coat’. It’s the answer to my own struggles of life.

From when I was young, I wanted to live in an honest, authentic way. And I experienced that most of the world was different. I want to coach people, who have these same feelings. I can see now, if I had believed in myself, with my wish to live honestly and pure, life would have taken a totally different turn. In my life I came in jobs that not really fitted me. And after two or three years, jobs were boring to me, because I missed deepness and challenge in them, the challenge that I needed. So if I can help you to believe in yourself, with whatever qualities life gave you, you can do the things that really fit you. And you will feel a rest, peacefulness and happiness inside you, because you are doing what life equipped you for. Your work will not feel as work, because it is what really fits you. You will have a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day, because you give your unique qualities to the world, the people you work with.

If we live in the way that fits us, we also feel our power, our strength within. And we know, feel from within, that we are doing the right thing. If we feel this strength, things will be much easier to us. Life will be much easier and we can inspire others to do the same. I mean, do what fits them. The job can be totally different because we all have our own qualities, which are unique. That’s so wonderful.

Also we don’t need to compete with each other, because we all have our own place in this society and what has to come to us, will come. We can just live from our strength in a simple and direct way.

If we live this way, we live from love and trust in life, instead of from fear and distrust. Which is a relaxed way of living. We live what life intended us to live instead of adjusting to the surroundings and reacting and fighting with the surroundings and have a constant feeling of unhappiness within.

Ohh, I love to coach people who want to live their purity, honesty and unique qualities.

Be welcome!