I read this sentence somewhere. ‘The One you are looking for is You’. It’s so true!

In this world with all it’s rules and do’s and dont’s, we loose ourselves. In some people, the search for themselves starts. And these people, if the search is profound, find themselves. The self appears to be Life itself. It’s Nature itself, through us.

Because of cognition we alienate from ourselves. And than we are surprised that there is a restlessness inside us. This restlessness is the feeling of being away from ourselves. In the world we become a kind of ‘walking head’ which lost contact with reality. Reality is Now, this moment. Living from moment to moment. All else is phantasy. Phantasy about the past or the future.

The moment you find yourself, you experience happiness, peace, deep gratefulness, stillness. Everything which ego is reaching and searching for. Only, our ego is searching outside in the world, instead of inside Him or Herself. And the pearl or the diamond is really inside yourself!